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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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I would like to attend a conference.  How do I apply for PIC funds?


Answer: Complete a PIC Application Form.  Follow the instructions carefully, and include all requested information and documentation.  Either fax or email your completed form to the WQTA Office.  Check out Info-Flash #1 or the PIC section on the Documents page for more information.




I am thinking of starting a family, what do I need to know with regards to my teaching position?


Answer: Check out the Maternity/Paternity information listed on the Documents page.


Special Leave and Sick Days


I have a meeting with my lawyer, should I take a sick day?


Answer: No.  You have up to 3 days to use in a given year to use for business of a personal nature (Personal days) that cannot be completed outside of normal work hours.  Check out the Special Leave information listed on the Documents page.


I am getting married next year, how many days can I take off work?


Answer: You can ask for up to 7 consecutive days.  Check out the Special Leave information listed on the Documents page.


How many sick days do I get every year?


Answer: You get 6 sick days if you have a 100% workload.  A reduced workload results in a proportionate number of sick days (for example, a 50% workload would yield 3 sick days).  At the end of the year, whatever you have left, minus one, is placed in your bank.  Check out the Sick Leave information listed on the Documents page.


Value Added


Can I apply for Value Added funds if I'm running a chess club at lunch?


Answer: As long as students are present and engaged, and provided that the actitivy falls outside of your assigned workload, you may apply for Value Added funds.  Of particular note, the activity must be voluntary for both the teacher and the student.  Check out the Value Added information listed on the Documents page.



Job Security


How do I get tenure?


Answer: A teacher obtains a tenured position upon completing 2 years plus a day in a full-time contract in their name.  Check out Info-Flash #4 listed on the Documents page


What is the Priority of Employment List?


Answer: Upon completion of two contracts within 3 years, and a recommendation from the School Board, a new teacher is placed on the Priority of Employment List which gives them the opportunity to accept teaching positions before they are opened to the general public.  Check out Info-Flash #4 listed on the Documents page.


What is the difference between Seniority and Experience

Answer: Check out the document Seniority vs Experience




How come our insurance rates are so high and why don't we have dental insurance?


Answer:  Unlike some other group insurance plans in which the employer subsidizes costs by also paying a portion of the total premiums, we as teachers in Quebec own our own insurance plan and pay all of the costs ourselves.  As such, any increase in services covered by our plan must be approved by all teachers across the province, and must be paid for by all teachers across the province (although an individual local union is still able to add-on dental coverage at a premium rate).  Recent quotes to include dental coverage in our plan indicated a dramatic increase in costs to teachers, and we would be locked in to a minimum term.  For more information, speak to your School Delegate.




Who is my school Delegate and what do they do?


Answer: Check out the information listed at the bottom of the About Us page.  A school Delegate acts as the WQTA liaison in a school.  Delegates are responsible to pass along information to teachers; represent their teachers at WQTA meetings, act as witnesses in Admin-led meetings, and provide general support to teachers within their school.


I am thinking of retiring, what should I do?


Answer: If possible, attend an upcoming WQTA Retirement workshop, or simply contact the WQTA office directly.


What is Governing Board?


Answer: Governing Board is a decision-making committee formed by parents, teachers and students in a given school. Check out the Governing Board information listed on the Documents page. 


What is School Council?


Answer: School Council is a consultative committee formed by teachers and administrators in a given school.   Check out Info-Flash #2 and Info-Flash #3 on the Documents page.


I am in my first year of teaching and was wondering what my salary is?


Answer: Teachers in Quebec are paid according to your level of scolarity and a salary table.  Check out the Salary information on the Documents page.


Can you help me understand my paystub?


Answer: There are a variety of different deductions listed on your paystub.  Check out Info-Flash #1 on the Documents page.


How can I access my electronic paystub?


Answer: You can access your paystub online at .  Follow the instructions to register if this is the first time your are using this service.





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