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Accident Incident Report  (see WQSB Employee Accident Incident Report)

Adult Education (QPAT Publication)

Anti-Bullying (see Bill 56)

Application Form to WQTA (Syndical)

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CEETC Info (English Exam Certification)

Charter of Values (see Bill 14)

Codes (see Oversize Class Compensation)

Collective Agreement - Local  (English)  (French)

Collective Agreement - Provincial Collective Agreement 2020-2023  (English)  (French)

Convention (see PIC Convention)


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E-News (see WQTA E-News)

Educational Projects  (English)  (French)

Employee Assistance Program  (English​)  (French​)

English Exam Certification for New Teachers (see CEETC)

Experience vs Seniority


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Health and Safety (QPAT Publication)

Health and Wellness (see Starling Minds)

Health Insurance - Benefit Summary 2024 (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Claim Form

Health Insurance - Cyber Client Member Guide  (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Disability Management Member Guide  (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Group Insurance Plan  (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Group Insurance Plan for Retirees  (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Renewal Rates Memo 2024 (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Renewal Rates for Active Teachers 2024 (English)  (French)

Health Insurance - Powerpoint (complete)    Powerpoint (summary)

Health Insurance - Travel Insurance FAQ  (English)  (French)



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Job Security (see Info Flash 4)


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Leaves of Absence

Local Agreement (see Collective Agreement - Local)


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Maternity Leave (WQTA Information Document)

Maternity Leave (see QPAT Publications - My Parental Rights)

Mentoring (QPAT Publication)



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New Teachers' Handbook (See QPAT Publication)


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Oversize Class Compensation - Example of Letter and Calculations

Oversize Class Compensation - Student Weightings


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Parental Rights (see QPAT Publications - My Parental Rights)

Parent-Teacher Meetings (excerpt from Local Agreement)

Paternity Leave (see QPAT Publications - My Parental Rights)

Pay Stub (see Info Flash 1)

Pension Integration at Age 65 (QPAT Publication)

Pension Information  (English)  (French​)

PIC - Explanation and Overview (see Info Flash 5)

PIC - Policy  (English)

PIC - Application Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Expense Claim Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Convention - Application Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Convention - Expense Claim Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Convention - Program and Information

PIC - Pre-Convention Workshops (TBD)

PIC - Pre-Convention Registration (TBD)

PIC - Credit Course Application Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Credit Course Claim Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Non-Credit Course Application Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Non-Credit Course Claim Form  (English)  (French)

PIC - Reimbursement Info

PIC - Info Flash 5

Priority of Employment (see Info Flash 4)

Provincial Entente (see Collective Agreement - Provincial)




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QPAT Convention (see PIC - Convention)

QPAT Publication - ALL Publications  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Adult Education Handbook  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Affirming Gender Diversity  (English)

QPAT Publication - Bill 5: 4-Year Old Kindergarten  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Bill 5: School Fees  (English)

QPAT Publication - Bill 14 (Charter of Values)

QPAT Publication - Bill 21: Religious Symbols  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Bill 40: School Organization and Governance  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Bill 56 (Anti-Bullying)

QPAT Publication - Educational Projects  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Getting off to a Good Start

QPAT Publication - Governing Boards: Adult and Voc-Ed  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Governing Boards: Schools  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Health and Safety  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - How to Intervene in Difficult Situations  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Measures for Openness and Support for Trans and Non-Binary Students (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Mentoring

QPAT Publication - My Parental Rights and QPIP (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - New Teacher Handbook  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Pension Integration at Age 65  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Pension Information  (English)  (French​)

QPAT Publication - Practice Suggestions for Improving Your Operation

QPAT Publication - Prolonged Absence due to Disability  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Right to a Safe Workplace (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Role of the Elementary Remedial Teacher

QPAT Publication - Social Media Recommendations

QPAT Publication - Special Needs Guide  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Standards and Procedures

QPAT Publication - Substitute Teachers

QPAT Publication - Support and Inclusion Measures for Trans and Non-Binary Individuals  in the Work Environment (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Survey On Violence  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Teacher Rep on the School Service Centre Board of Directors  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - United Magazine 2021  (English)  (French)

QPAT Publication - Violence is Not Trivial

QPAT Publication - Vocational Training (English)  (French)

QPAT-ALDI: The Role of the Elementary Remedial Teacher

QPIP (Quebec Parental Insurance Plan)  (see QPAT Publications - My Parental Rights)

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Retirement (contact the WQTA Office for the date of the next Retirement Workshop)

Role of the Elementary Remedial Teacher


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Tenure (see Info Flash 4)

Travel Insurance (see Health Insurance)


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